SMARTLAB is currently open to participants, and the project team are interested to hear from people who own, manage, or rent buildings or parts of buildings in Limerick city.

Who can join?

SMARTLAB is a research project with a particular focus on Limerick city. There are three key criteria for inclusion in the project.

1. The project boundary

The SMARTLAB project boundary has been identified as Limerick’s City Centre Zone, as defined within the Limerick Development Plan 2022-28. Below is a map of the City Centre Zone, and you can click here (external link) to view a searchable map.

SMARTLAB Project Boundary (Source: LCCC).

Please note – If your building is just outside the boundary of this area, it is worth applying to join, as we will have a number of spaces for buildings that otherwise fit project criteria.

2. Type of building

We are open to all kinds of buildings and building users (whether owners, renters, or other). We are interested in a wide variety of building types – different ages, different uses, and different types of construction. But we are aiming to develop a representative snapshot of different building types within Limerick city and will have quotas in place for different ages and types of buildings. The earlier you apply, the more likely we are to have a place for you in the study.

3. Access to Building Energy Readings & Bills

To be part of the project, you will need either to be an energy bill payer or to have access to energy data for your building. You will need to be able to give permission for us to access your building and install a sensor in your electricity meter box (no electrical work required). We will also be asking participants for copies of their energy bills from the previous year, so we can help you assess any changes during participation in SMARTLAB.

If you meet all the criteria above, you can fill out the application form here.