Smart Readiness Indicator – Key Performance Indicator Calculation Structure (Source: European Union).

The SMARTLAB project, piloted in Limerick city’s Decarbonisation Zone, will promote smart technologies that improve building system efficiency focusing on local engagement via Living Lab approach. The SMARTLAB project aims to educate and empower local building owners with the tools they need to embrace the new European Commission’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) certificate scheme known as Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). Smart building technologies are both a combination of smart devices and digital solutions that support a building’s ability to improve system efficiency and internal conditions for the building occupants that dwell within them. The SRI is a certificate of compliance regarding crucial smart technologies needed to improve these systems. Moreover, it will assess a building’s smart technological solutions on its ability to improve the overall building energy performance as well as occupant health and wellbeing. In the future, the SRI will be assessed and certified by accredited assessors which will survey buildings using an index of key performance indicators (KPI) related to the overall smartness of the buildings under review. By educating and supporting building owners in the SMARTLAB pilot site on how they can improve the SRI of their building, the SMARTLAB project aims to tackle financial and technical barriers related to the development of building smartness within the Irish context.

Deliverable 3.1, A review of the SRI and other appropriate systems for measuring the ‘smartness’ of a building and requirements for data monitoring and DIY toolkits as a result. This deliverable explores the various kinds of smart building Display Energy Certificates (DEC) smart services, which are currently available on the market, and how the SMARTLAB project will align with current data monitoring KPIs related to the certification criteria of these smart services.

This report includes a deliverable and is connected to tasks T3.1 “: Explore the various levels of systems and programmes for enabling smart buildings such as the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) and other initiatives such as WiredScore”, T3.2 “The SRI has the most potential due to its drive from the EU and will be the core focus, however a watch function on other initiatives identified will be enabled to ensure future proofing of any recommendations. Based on this review, the data monitoring requirements will be determined and fed to the specification of the DIY toolkits in WP2” and T2.2 “Investigate the available off the shelf infrastructure for buildings to improve their smart readiness and enable them to avail of such smart services including affordable DIY toolkits that non-experts can deploy”.