There is still time to sign up!  

Are you a building owner or occupant in Limerick city centre and have access to your energy meter? If yes, you can take part in SMARTLAB and get free energy monitors and indoor environment sensors installed in your building. 

We have received more than 60 applications from building owners and occupants interested in participating in the SMARTLAB project to date. Everyone is welcome to participate, but we are especially interested in applications from people that own or live in apartments. If that is you, please complete the application form here.  

Feel free to tag us on Twitter (@SMARTLAB_Lk) to help us spread the word! 

SMARTLAB applicants up to 12 May 2023.  

The applicants’ spatial distribution is shown on the map above. The red circles represent the number of applicants by Electoral Division (grey line). The red dashed line encloses the Limerick city centre area where the project will take place.