Data flow (Source: SMARTLAB).

This report identifies the sensor devices selected by SMARTLAB to deploy throughout the project area. The sensor devices have been selected against criteria established by the requirements of the SRI to develop the potential for increased smartness in Irish buildings.

Deliverable WP3-D1: Review of the SRI and other appropriate systems for measuring the ‘smartness’ of a building and requirements for data monitoring and DIY toolkits as a result describes the requirements of the SRI and how it would be implemented in an ideal context in Ireland for maximal results. This report will not cover that ground, instead, we took those findings and attempted to develop a sensor-based toolset that would allow us to bring buildings from a zero SRI rating to a minimum basic level of SRI performance.

Deliverable WP3-D1 notes that the optimal results for SRI evaluations and performance come when buildings are connected to the cloud for both reporting and control. However, to achieve a basic level of smart readiness reporting is sufficient.

The sensor requirements laid down in Deliverable WP3-D1 are for monitoring of energy use at the main incoming meter and monitoring of environmental conditions within the building to report comfort and other relevant data for taking action and offering services.

The outcome of the process of evaluation and tendering was a decision to adopt the Vutility Hotdrop sensor to meter electricity usage and report via LoRaWAN and to adopt the Milesight AM307 sensor to report on environmental conditions.